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About the Campus Master Plan 

The University of Iowa Campus Master Plan embraces our past and builds for the future. It combines our rich campus history and the current state of the campus with a collaborative look at how the university will develop for years and decades to come. The Campus Master Plan provides a long-range perspective to make near-term project decisions. It prepares the campus to respond to increasing academic and research demands while preserving the beauty of its physical environment, maintaining its unique identity, and minimizing any impacts on its neighbors. The Campus Master Plan is the product of an inclusive process that has evolved with a broad spectrum of campus leaders, including all deans, representatives of all campus constituencies, and representatives of both Iowa City and Coralville. The master plan is intended to control the general order of the campus, not the details of design. This encourages using the master plan as a living document, one that has built in a significant degree of flexibility.

Campus Planning

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 Campus Plan Highlights - Brochures (2007 - 2016)

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