University of Iowa

Psychological & Brain Sciences Building - in construction

Psychological & Brain Sciences Building
Gilbert Street and Iowa Avenue
East Campus
Start Date: 
Summer 2017
Nov 2019
Square Footage: 

This project will construct a new facility to expand and relocate the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. The project also includes razing the southeast wing of Seashore Hall, allowing for construction of the new building, which will provide a direct connection to Spence Labs. The remainder of Seashore Hall will be taken down at a later date. 

The new building will be comprised of a mix of offices, dry laboratories, collaboration space, classrooms and student work areas. The Lower Level and Ground Level are composed of open commons spaces, classrooms and administration offices. The upper four stories contain faculty offices, dry laboratories, and open commons space.

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What's New: 

(updated August 2018)

Seashore Hall

All demolition activities associated with the southeast wing of Seashore Hall are complete.

The new exterior façade for the southeast wing of Seashore Hall is scheduled to be complete by the end of September 2018. This façade will mirror the existing southwest wing façade. No disruption to the building occupants or building operations is anticipated.


Psychological and Brain Sciences Building

Structural steel columns and beams and precast concrete panels (floor decking) are scheduled to be delivered and erected over the next three months. These deliveries will alternate as required to allow for construction and placement of structural steel and precast panels.

The contractor plans to utilize a 110-ton track crane with a 180’ boom. The track crane will allow for easier movement within the jobsite, minimize the crane footprint, and allow for ongoing multiple construction activities within the construction fence area.

All concrete foundation walls and columns will be complete during this same time period.

Storm sewer utility work in Gilbert Street is scheduled to start mid to late August and should be complete by the end of September 2018. This work will be phased to always allow one lane of traffic in the north direction and one lane of traffic in the south direction. The work in Gilbert Street is scheduled to be complete over an approximate three-week period. The contractor will have traffic controls in place and is coordinating with the City of Iowa City

The sidewalk on the east side of Gilbert Street will remain open during this work.

General Contractor: 
Knuston Construction
BNIM Architects